By Daniel Chigunwe

A self –styled Chitungwiza traditional is come under after trying to extort a herd of cattle from a certain family which he threatened with death.

The Sangoma, commonly known as Sekuru Kafera was exposed by the Legal Aid Network Society (LANS) with the assistance of ZINATA Dr Sarudzai Zulu.

Kafera allegedly demanded 20 beasts from the Tsongora family of Bomba, Murongwe village under Chief Chiswiti claiming that it was payment for the services he rendered to Lazarus Tsongora in the form of goblins and lucky charms.

In a detailed comment, LANS Director Collins Kasiya told the Zimbabwe Times that the Sangoma was threatening to kill a family member after giving them an ultimatum to deliver the cattle.

“The  extortionist Sangoma commonly known  as  Sekuru Kafera in places around chitungwiza  and other places around Zimbabwe ,  intended  to extort the Tsongora family  of 20 heard of cattle a plan which hit the brick wall after our organisation together with Dr Sarudzai Zulu intercepted the intentions and declared it fraudulent,” said Kasiya

“The Sangoma is accusing the now late Kamutsi Lazarus that he got some goblins and lucky charms from him on a date and place which he refused to disclose and earlier this March he sent his nephew to meet with the Kamutsi to settle the debt and upon his arrival he was notified of the death of his so called client.

“The Sangoma forced the uncles of the late Kanongora to accompany his nephew back to Chitungwiza without fail saying he was going to wipe the whole family if they declined to which the complied,”.

It is alleged that upon their arrival at the Sangoma homestead the family was given a one day ultimatum to pay 20 cattle on behalf of their late brother despite them expressing ignorance of the duo’s deal of ages.

It is at that point that Zulu of Zinata board and the Legal Aid team quizzed the Sangoma of his trade and registration papers to practice as a traditional healer under the country’s law and found that Kafeya was a fake Sangoma.  

However, in a phone call comment, the Sangoma’s aid by the name Password Pasipamire said that Sekuru did not force the family to pay up and had since left for Malawi.

“It is unfortunate that you cannot speak to sekuru, he has since left for Malawi, however he is a spiritual traditional healer who also sell lucky charms and regarding this incident of the Tsongora family we did not even force them but rather we let them go,” he said.