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Mash Central-Guruve District Schools Inspector (DSI) was recently slapped with a court judgment ordering him to pay five cattle as fine for committing adultery with a married women.

Pineas Dambuza who was arraigned before Guruve Chief Chipuriro court was having an adulterous affair with Catherine Machobeni who is employed as Clerk with Better Schools.

In a comment to the Zimbabwe Times a source who spoke on condition of anonymity said there is overwhelming evidence that Dambuza was having an affair with a married women.

“The DSI could not deny the available evidence before Chief Chipuriro including the numerous sexually explicit messages that he exchanged with Machobeni,” said the source.

“Also he agreed that he used to pick this married woman during the night though arguing that it was work issue despite the fact that Machobeni is not his secretary but rather a Clerk with Better Schools which did not warrant him to go and pick her after hours.

“He is supposed to pay five beasts, one for the chief’s court and the other four to the aggrieved husband of Machobeni

The affair came to light after the husband Edwin Machobeni discovered explicit text messages in his wife’s phone to which she agreed they were lovebirds.

“However, the issue is that Dambuza wants to appeal against the judgment with the Guruve Magistrate court despite all the overwhelming evidence that was produced before Chief Chipuriro,” added the source.