….as probe targets them

By Staff Writer

After the arrest of Harare City Counci’s Chief Security Officer Dr Colleen Tongoona ,the probe has also extended to  junior municipal police officers,this publication can reveal.

According to a source  at the beleaguered city council   some of the municipal police officers are crying foul after being suspended as investigations into the corrupt deeds at the municipality intensify.

“Most of these police officers believed that they were immune to investigations and are now bitter after being suspended to pave way for investigations.

“But I don’t know why they are panicking if indeed there are were not involved in any of the illicit deals that have dogged the city council,” queried the  source.

Another source  said the move was worthwhile since the municipal police officers had shown complicit in the whole scandals since it took  the intervention of anti-corruption agencies  for arrests to be effected.

“The guys were not serious.Imagine all the litany of allegations against big wigs were being swept under the carpet and it only took the intervention of SACU and ZACC to arrest the corrupt elements and there is not even one single  internal hearing on most of the matters,”questioned the source.

Investigations by this publication  have gathered that currently only the Chief Superintendent  in the department is the only former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer  remaining and all the other former government cops have been booted out which many believes is a ploy to concentrate the section with  swayable characters.

“Former ZRP  police officers have been widely regarded as honest and with integrity but if you look at the municipality police  department there is now only Chief Superintendent  who is a former government cop most of them were fired and this only shows a ploy to use officers who can be easily influenced.

“No wonder why most of the cases that have been reported by the municipal police have lacked evidence due to the sheer incompetence of these investigations team,”added the source.

But questioned on the reinstatement of the Town Clerk Hosiah Chisango and his order that all municipal police officers should report to his office, all the sources concurred that it was not surprising as he is not yet proven guilty.

“There have been question about why  the town clerk was reinstated and I don’t think its an issue because he has not yet been proven guilty.

“What he did of instructing the municipal police officers as far as I am concerned it is indeed right  directive because he is the CEO of the municipality and that is where the municipal police officers derive their power from and not the the chamber secretary as has been the case,”echoed the sources.

They also applauded the minister of local government July Moyo for not succumbing to pressure with regards the reinstatement of Chisango.

Meanwhile,there are allegations that the arrested Chief Security Officer Dr Tongoona could have violated his bail conditions after he met a key witness in his case, Coxwell Chigwanha, on Monday at Harare Municipal Police premises.