By Crime Reporter

Two Guruve prisoners who staged a prison break earlier this month were on Tuesday slapped with an additional 36 months sentence for escaping lawful custody

The duo, Anymore Zvitsva (27) and Simbarashe Nyambare (22) who were convicted of theft charges and sentenced to 44 months and 8 months respectively had served less than a month before escaping lawful custody.

Appearing before Guruve resident magistrate Shingira Mutiro yesterday, the two were told to serve an additional sentence of 36 months with 5 months suspended on condition of good behavior.

In passing the sentence, Mutiro said, “the duo demonstrated an unwillingness to repent, instead of using their jail term wisely they rather resorted to staging a prison break hence a substantial prison term will meet the justice of the case.”

According to the state papers, on the 2nd of April 2020 and at Guruve Remand Prison, Anymore Zvitsva and Simbarashe Nyambare or one or both of them lawfully arrested and held in lawful custody thus contravening the said act.

On the same day at around 1500hrs the duo were seated leaning against the fence in the prison yard when they decided to escape from prison by making a fence on the hole.

Taking advantage of the inattentive prison officers who were playing draft with inmates in the yard the prisoners started untying the security fence with their hands.

The court also heard that when the two had finished making a hole enough to fit a person Nymabare went to collect his sandals whilst Zvitsva maneuvered his way through the hole.

Mockias Chirume and First Magube, fellow inmates, who were nearby rushed to the fence and got hold of Zvitsva who was now escaping and dragged him back into the fence before calling for help.

After being questioned by the prison officers, the duo divulged how they had staged the escape plan.

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