By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

From 25 November to 10 December the country joined the rest of the world in commemorating 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence(GBV) and a local AfroJazz artiste Maizon Tazvitya has released an album which carries undertones of reducing GBV,Zimbabwe Times  can reveal.

Speaking to this publication,Maizon said the album entitled ‘Pfumvudza’  epitomises a new beginning in his career path and is laden with songs which  seek to redress  GBV  cases which have been worsened by the deteriorating economy.

“I chose the name Pfumvudza because I compiled  the album  during the  Covid-19  lockdown period ,it was a  time to deeply introspect  and re-strategise, praying and planning for next moves.

“The songs from the album speak to tackle  how the increasingly economic difficulties  have widened disparities among men and women leading to sprouting of cases of  GBV,”explained Tazvitya.

For example of particular note is a song ‘Handimbochema’ which assesses the distress brought about by the HIV pandemic  which include  child abuse.

“Let me speak about Handimbochema which is the first song  on the album list and it focuses on the hash economic situation and the impact of HIV/AIDS which has created a breeding ground  for GBV and exploitation of children at large,” added the 37-year-old musician.

The other songs that completes the 6 track album are Majurumbwe,Sorry,Ndinokuda,Tamari and Kwamungezi.The album is available on  most  digital platforms including  Spotify and Google Play.

However,the Ancient Tribes frontman chronicled  the challenges he faced in releasing the album.

“It was a mean task  to work from home during the lockdown period. I had to rely on internet mostly for every all the work and movement to the studio was restricted hence the album took long to complete,” bemoaned the Majurumbwe hitmaker.

Maizon  was raised  in the high- density suburb of Dzivarasekwa, Hararea and attended    Courteney Selous Primary and St John’s Chikwaka Secondary schools.He credits his success to the mentorship he got from  Chipawo (Children Performing Arts Workshop).

He is also a proud holder of a  Diploma in Ethnomusicology at the College of Music and has shared the stage with notable arts figures like the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi and Progress Chipfumo.