By Martin Chimuka

The ongoing investigations of the corrupt land deals in the beleaguered Harare Municipality have led one of the senior council employee to seek refuge from the ruling Zanu PF party, this publication heard.

Sources from council say  a couple of months ago senior council employee Belinda  Kubvoruno was being investigated for corruptly acquiring a stand in Malbereign  and when she was about to be picked she was tipped off by her suspected boyfriend who is a CIO operative working in the anti-corruption unit.

“After getting information from one of the investigating officer who is  her boyfriend that she was being investigated  for the illegal acquisition of the Malbereign stand ,Belinda rushed to sell the stand to conceal the crime, ”sources told this reporter.

It is alleged that investigating officers were also given instruction by arrested  Harare City Council security boss Dr Colleen  Tongoona to find a way to sweep the matter under the carpet.

In chats seen by this reporter ,Kubvoruno bemoans the arrest of Tongoona and reveals that she is Zanu PF hence the ruling party should exonerate her.

“Coincidentally Belinda and Tongo hold weekly meetings with ex-mayor Herbert Gomba who finances and directs investigations at Harare Municipal police,” alleges another source.

There are reports that Belinda is now seeking sympathy from shadowy Zanu PF groups since the arrest of Tongoona who was shielding her from arrest and is desperately trying to disassociate herself from the ex-mayor Gomba’s cabal.

Allegations against Kubvoruno in connivance with arrested council security boss  also include collection of  protection fees from council employees with pending disciplinary hearings in order to close their case.